Since the first wave of feminism, women have all the equal rights of men by law, but socially they are still disregarded.  Even today, while women’s rights have drastically changed since the first wave movement, there are inequalities that cannot be disregarded. Sure women can choose to do what they want to; they can be full time workers, stay at home moms, or find a balance in between. They can vote, they are equal to men under the law, and they are free. By the standards of the past, all these things are true, because before women were literally property. While they are now viewed as individual beings, the “equality” aspect is slightly incorrect.

Sure women may work, but studies show that women still make less than men do. Also, they are not taken as seriously, and are rarely able to accomplish the things that men do; not because they can’t, but because our society had decided that it’s not ready for women to be equal in ALL aspects of it. Just looking at the fact that 23 out of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women (4.6%), shows that the workplace equality we assume is there is actually not. An when a woman DOES become a CEO of a major company, it makes headlines & more headlines!

Besides this, intersectionality plays an important role in highlighting that it is wrong to think that women have equality. Sure there are some equalities that were acquired throughout the history of women’s rights, but some women still suffer more than others, even today. Women in the middle east, for example, still face harsh oppression from their male superiors, both politically, and socially. Some of these inequalities include: the right to an education, the right to travel, female infanticide, citizenship, and clothing requirements.

Also, think about how women are still objectified! When we see women on television, and in various forms of advertisement, they look perfect, or what we consider perfect. Sure the women may have gotten these jobs, and are being paid well, but they were chosen because of their looks. Sex sells, so picking, what society believes, are the most beautiful women, to advertise a product is a great idea for companies because it will attract attention.

Here is an advertisement for Tom Ford Men’s cologne; will men even see the bottle?! Maybe once they realize that it’s an ad…just MAYBE they will see which cologne is being advertised. Either way, the brand was smart in that the ad is aimed at men, and what grabs a man’s attention better that breasts?
While women have long been fighting for their rights, they managed to win some, yet many inequalities still remain. There will always be inequality, and the males will always be dominant.


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