Feminism, Intersectionality, and Islam

Hi everyone,

It’s Jinanne again and I want to give a tiny bit of background as to what my portion of this blog will cover:

I was raised and consider myself Muslim and I want to examine the relationship between feminism and Islam. I think Islam has a bad name when it comes to western feminism and I would like my part of this blog to focus on how Islam and religion in general is often a positive and empowering force for women. I will mention organizations such as FEMEN which misrepresent Islam (as well as other religions) and its relationship with women in the name of feminism. I would use FEMEN as an example of why intersectionality is not only important in regards to race but in regards to religion as well. Many people see a woman in a hijab as a sign of a woman being oppressed but many women voluntarily wear the hijab, and many Muslim women (such as myself) do not wear the hijab and have not felt pressured to do so. Of course in some parts of the world women are not given the choice to wear or not wear the hijab but we should keep in mind that this is not the practice of Islam but of a government or institution.


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